More than just a back care - from prevention to function.

The back is the single most important part of the body as it is responsible for keeping us upright
It is divided into 3 parts


Protects the spinal cord.
Keeps us upright.
Helps to support some of the internal organs.

Protect it
/ look after your back to avoid injury

Injury may be due to trauma (MVA, fall, assaults, etc.
Overuse injury - repeated movements which bring injury especially to the disc (which is the cushion between the bones).
If the disc is damaged, recovery is difficult as it is poorly supplied with blood, so look after it.

Signs of damage

Pain in lower back
thoracic pain
neck pain

Pain radiating down the
lower limb
Upper limb

- posture! Posture! Posture!

Do not lift heavy objects
Carry heavy loads close to the body at waist level.
When reaching back in your car, do not lean over
Getting out of the car, feet together the swing.

Stretches are good for your back.

Exercise is excellent for the back.

If you have had surgery / injury, there are exercises that are specific for you to do to prevent further injury.